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learn, create, and increase capacity

Sometimes, all we need is dedicated time and space to knock out that lingering item on our to-do list. Offered on-site and online, our capacity-building workshops are designed as interactive presentations with opportunities for peer learning. From early- and mid-career to seasoned nonprofit professionals, participants  leave our workshops with valuable insights into their practice, useful strategies, as well as concrete writing samples and other work products to enhance their organizations.

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Workshops: Service

Nonprofit Communications & Fund Development

Casual Business Meeting

Grant Readiness*

Learn what it takes to apply for and manage grant funding. Participants will become familiar with application requirements, the types of programmatic and organizational information they should track, and strategies for managing applications and reports. The workshop will also provide resources for identifying and evaluating potential funding sources, and guide participants to develop criteria to determine whether opportunities match their organization’s needs and capacity.

*Additional services available, including customized LOI & grant narrative templates and editorial support on the first funding proposal for those organizations ready to launch their grant seeking.

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What's Your Story?

Effective storytelling is critical to any nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. During this workshop, participants develop a compelling narrative that your organization can customize for grant applications, appeal letters, and other fundraising communications.* Participants are guided to identify their organization’s target audiences, unique value proposition, and the story they want to tell about their programming for the coming year.

*Additional services available, such as editorial support and copy writing. 

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Getting Coffee

Needs Statements: Beyond Problem/Solution

The Needs Statement section of a grant proposal is where we make our case for funding, and it has a tried-and-true formula:

[describe a problem] + [your program as solution] = CA$H!

But what if there were another way? In this workshop, we explore alternate framings that help avoid rhetorical pitfalls such as victim blaming and poverty porn.

*Additional services available, including manuscript review.

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Program Evaluation Design & Implementation

Organizations that build evaluation into their program design are better equipped to understand and report on their progress, improve their programming, and win grant funding. In this workshop, participants will develop program objectives, learn about tracking systems and data collection instruments, and evaluation methods to measure their outcomes and strengthen their understanding of their work and ability to attract support from potential funders.

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Workshops: Projects
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