Abundant Futures

Consulting with Conscience



catalyzing systems change

Abundant Futures supports organizations at the vanguard of eco-social transformation, activating their potential with targeted research, evaluation, and fund development. An antidote to the ubiquitous “fast-paced work environment,” Abundant Futures allows clients to pause, reflect, and proceed with deeper understanding and purpose.


Rachel Sona Reed, MA


"...a primary role of change agents is to interpret reality."
~ Jonathan Matthew Smucker

Rachel is a follower in her field, whatever it may be, who thinks that the fetishization of leadership is one of the problems with our society. Society requires collaboration to thrive, so that is the approach underlying Abundant Futures. Trained in cultural & linguistic anthropology and transformative learning evaluation, Rachel established Abundant Futures to help organizations achieve systems change and artists bring realities into being. Her forays into creative writing can be found at seriousrachel.com



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